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Frank Veldhuijsen

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In mid 2011 the Dutch goverment decided that the military would give up 70 MHz. In several countries the 70 MHz band is already available and the Netherlands will follow end 2011. To be prepared a 70 MHz transverter was build and I decided to go the Danish way by purchasing a buildingkit from which the profits are going to the beacon OZ7IGY. Information about this kit can be found here. More information about 70 MHz and ways to get on this band can be found here . The OZ2M transverter is based on the OE9PMJ 50 MHz transverter. It was OZ7IS who used that design to make a transverter bij recalculating the circuits. OZ2M copied that one and performed some tests and made improvements. OZ1TF produced a professional PCB.

A few days after ordering the package arrived. The buildingkit contains most of the parts.

Few pictures taken during the build. It is straight forward, starting smal to large and ending with the active components.

Finished transverter and amplifier module. The oscillator did not wanted to start inmmidiately...a very small crack in the PCB turned out to be the problem. When it started RX and TX signal were there and transverter was tuned to maximum performance.

Text Box: Housing of the transverter, a 10 inch cabinet. The amplifier module is mounted on the back with cooling. When finaly finished it will contain a sequencer and digital readout too. The sequencer will be a Arduino project.
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