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Text Box: For about six years I have written the VHF-UHF-SHF column in CQ-PA magazine, the monthly magzine from the VRZA (Vereniging Radio Zend Amateurs). Most of my columns are downloadable as I have the copyrights myself. They have been downloadable because many stations have sended information that was used in the column and foreign stations are, of course, not a member from the VRZA. Please accept that some parts of the published pages are restricted in copyright.

CQ-PA magazine


On the frontpage of the January issue 2009 a picture from LA/PA5DD. On regular basis, pictures send from DX-peditions on VHF were on the frontpage. To visit the website of the VRZA just click on the magazine.

Text Box: Columns 2004 : downloadable via

Columns 2005 : PDF-file; 5.873 kB

Columns 2006 : PDF-file; 4.637 kB

Columns 2007 : PDF-file; 11.434 kB

Columns 2008 : PDF-file; 3.872 kB

Columns 2009 : PDF-file; 5.487 kB