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Remote QTH


The shack of PA4EME


Maybe the shack of PA4EME is not so impressive as you expected. Main reason is that I cleaned up most of the stuff that I collected during more than 30 years in hamradio.


But the shack contains everything needed to be able to work weak signals at the VHF-bands.  The Yaesu FT-847 is covering all bands between 1.6 MHz and 432 MHz in all modes. Even 70 MHz is available through a modification of the transceiver and I build a 70 MHz transverter too. For 144 MHz SSB and CW I have the Czech R2CW transceiver from Racom which is known for his outstanding performance. A MRF-151G SSPA is used to drive the GS35b amplifier which I own in 3 different designs: DL4MEA, DJ5RE and RX1AS. All amplifiers are homemade including the needed powersupplies. An old 2x4CX250b 144 MHz amplifier, build in 1979, is still in my shack. This 2-Meter Kilowatt from W1SL was my first amplifier build at the age of 16. I am still too proud of it to sell it. A DF1KO single 4CX250b is also available. I have two Javornik 144-14 transverters and recently a SSPA with 2 x LDMOS MRFE6VP61K25H is used for high power too.

Also homebrew are power– and SWR-meters, automatic antennacontrollers, keyer, sequencer, preamplifiers (MGF 1302, MGF1802, ATF 54143) etcetera.


Digital signal processing is done with a 3.33 GHz PC combined with a Delta 44 soundcard. This is working very good with WSJT, WinRad, Linrad and Spectrumlab.


For homebuilding I have software to make my own schematics and PCB and do the printing and etching myself. A HP spectrumanalyser is on the shelf too. In the section [HOMEBREW] you can see some exemples of homebrew projects.