Dutch Amateur Radio Station

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Scroll down to see more pictures of PA4EME antennas from the past.

Since April 2011 I am using a 14 el LFA PLUS2 Yagi. This antenna is designed by Justin, GoKSC. The F/B ratio is enormous and it is picking up less groundnoise than most other designs. It is 912 cm long, 16.63 dBi or 14,48 dB gain, F/B is 36.35 dB. The used aluminium tubing is 30x30x3 mm. Predicted gain and pattern are confirmed in practice. VSWR is outstanding.

In the old days we did not have digital pictures. When I moved to the Netherlands in 1992 I lost a box containing pictures and QSL-cards from the ON4AUD time. So I cannot show you the 8x15 el DJ9BV stack anymore. But on these three pictures you can see some leftovers from it. The DJ9BV design was a modulair system so it was easy to make the antennas smaller or larger as the elementspacings stayed the same. The old 15 elements were transformed to 13 elements and these antennas were used in the field, for temporary setups and one antenna was used for many years on the tower behind the house. Builded somewhere in 1988 it stayed in service until April 2011. At that moment the urban noise in my surrounding reached such high levels that I decided to make a LFA antenna with a clean pattern and in that way picking up less noise.

Fieldday March 2003

..during an EME-contest 1996

..April 2006 until April 2011


LX/ON4AUD/P somewhere in the nineties last century. I believe it was the Marconi CW contest. 4x13 + 2x16 and 4x9. In those days that was a big station!

1982?? ON4AUD/P Fieldday.

1983-1988 4x15 el.Que-Dee

1991 HBo/ON7RB / HBo/ON4AUD

4x12 el. M2

2x13 el. on rotor, 4x9 el. to the United Kingdom.

4x13 el, full azimuth and elevation control.