Dutch Amateur Radio Station

Frank Veldhuijsen








PA4EME is licenced to Frank Veldhuijsen, born 1963 in Heerlen, the Netherlands. I am married with Karen and we have two sons, Sjoerd and Jurre.


In 1977 I became interested in amateur radio. First steps were made as SWL-station PA-5751 as I was to young to get my licence. I passed the technical exam at the age of 15 but received it on my 16th birthday. The callsign I received was PE1FEY. Two years later I moved to Belgium and received a licence based on CEPT-regulations with the callsign ON8YA. Within a year I obtained a full Belgian licence with the callsign ON4AUD. In 1992 I moved back to the Netherlands and became PA3GIJ. Some time later it became possible to choose your own callsign and I was able to receive a callsign with a suffix of my favourite form of propagation: PA4EME. You will understand that my main interest is 144 MHz DX. I am proud to have the WAC and DXCC on 144 MHz.


For many years I have written a VHF-UHF-SHF columns in CQ-PA magazine and nowadays I am one of the editors of the MMMonVHF webpages. I am also working for the Dutch Amateur Radio Emergency Service (DARES) as volunteer in the most southern part of the Netherlands.


Picture: leaving for holidays 2018 to EA7, CN8, ZB2, EA9.