Dutch Amateur Radio Station

Frank Veldhuijsen








Picture from Dwingeloo 2010


Standing left to right: PA4EME, PA3BIY, Ellen, DL8EBW, Netti, PA2DW, Beatrijs.

Sitting left to right: IV3NDC, Zeta, HA5CRX, DK5EW.


We are standing in front of a Hunnenbed; an acient dolmens that is found in the Dwingeloo area.

14 dishes in a row; the Westerbork Synthese Radio Teleskope (WSRT). Nearly 3 km long, build 1970 and working 120 MHz-8,3 GHz.

This dish is home of the PI9CAM station. We visited it and used it to listen to a pulsar.

Picture of the Danube valley meeting 2011.


Left to right: Beatrijs, PA2DW, ?, DK5EW, PA4EME, Netti, DL8EBW, IV3NDC, Ellen, PA3BIY, OE5MPL, Zeta, HA5CRX.


We are standing in front of the SWR 666 KHz transmitter in the neighbourhood of Inzigkofen, the hometown of DK5EW.

300 kW amplifier for 666 kHz. It is using a Thomson tube TH573 and has a 5 kW driver. Both tubes are watercooled. An example of magnificent German Craftmanship. We were pleased to have a guided tour. The transmitter wil shut down end 2011 and the 5/8 and 1/4 antennas will be dismantled.